Home Renovations

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Why Renovate??

Renovations increase the value of your home…but before going ahead and doing so you need to ask yourself WHY am I renovating?

Are you renovating your home to save money by up grading to energy efficient products, such as windows or isolation, or is it to make money?

Most people when renovating do it for profit— This can be a big mistake because you should first be concerned about the structure integrity and safety of your home, before spending the money on things like decor and finishes.

Where should you put your money when renovating?

Kitchen and Bathroom improvements increase your homes value the most, and also give you the highest return on investment!  Most renovations will make back what you spent on them provided it was done by a skilled contractor who used quality workmanship and materials. A bad job can reduce the value of your home.

Cosmetic or Practical

Not every renovation you do to your home will give you the same return on investment. When looking at these renovations like foundation work, windows or the roof, these are practical long turn investments that are needed for the longevity of your home.

I think its most beneficial and wise to update your home to make it run more efficient before looking at the cosmetic things needing attention.  This will protect your investment, save you money in the long run and increase  the enjoyment of your home.



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