Renovation Budget Tips

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Tips to help you budget during a home renovation

  • Assess your wants and needs

When starting a renovation project first consider your NEEDS to come up with a base budget. This way the renovation is serving its purpose and you see if your budget is realistic and meets your needs. If you find you are still below your set budget then you have the comfort knowing that your needs are fulfilled and can start looking at upgrades and higher-end finishes.

If you are planning a larger project you should consider a contingency fund within the budget, this allows for the extra cost occurred other then the initial work being completed. These cost would be things like a hotel rental if your unable to occupy your home during the construction process, or having the extra expense of eating out due to your kitchen not being operational for a few days.

*If you are feeling over whelmed about renovating, then start with a smaller project before jumping into a full basement or kitchen renovation.

  • Hire professional to give an estimate

***Get three quotes and compare differences. Make sure they are insured, qualified and have referrals.  Compare the different services and check into the quality of materials being used. doing this step correctly will save you money and aggravation during your renovation project.

  • Be patient and realistic

During a renovation there can be many set backs and hidden surprises. With the right knowledgeable crew these challenges can be easily over come and quickly resolved.